To everyone FASHION is just a word. Everybody wears fashion. IN whatever way like it or not clothes and shoes, hats and accessories are just that …….. Do people really care what you wear OR do people becoming more complex being in this POSITION to decide with winter, here with a twist this year. Living in MELBOURNE Australia, down under as we all know of IT, is the FASHION capital.!!

tulips for winter …..😍STAY WARM !!

Dresses with sox and business suits with runners a thing of the past or FUTURE. Interesting or not this type of FASHION statement is what we ALL see at some point in our day going to work or having a day OFF. We almost wear what is comfortable to us and sometimes when there is a statement to make in areas of your life you can become UNCOMFORTABLE…


when its raining, misty and cold; can we do anything to make ourselves warm. OR are waiting for special people to make us feel WARM, could it be our favourite pet, our beautiful children. A warm blanket can do the trick also a nice pair of sox that will keep us snuggly warm..


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